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I was lucky enough to be in London, during which time I was reading North and South, by Elizabeth Gaskell.  Not many scenes are set in London, though for a time the heroine lives on Harley St (which is off Marleybone towards Regents Park, a part of the city I haven’t yet been.  I was interested to hear how they walk all the way to Hampstead Heath one day (another area I didn’t get to).  I liked the book, especially some of the minor characters, like Mr. Bell with his witty repartee and Dixon. Also, Mrs. Thornton is very well done; she’s rather like Coriolanus’ mother, I fancy.  While the book is mostly dramatic, even melodramatic in spots, it is also full of humorous touches and interesting insights.  For more on my trip to London, visit my Go List on TripAdvisor.


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