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Homage to Emily

After a one-year hiatus from blogging (having to do with a new job among other things), I returned in December to find some changes on WordPress, most notably new connections among other WordPress bloggers! I was surprised when a few bloggers seemed to find and like my posts. I’m not used to having anyone notice my blog, so assumed this was just spam, but as it turns out the WordPress base has become more of a community, with an infectious spirit of reaching out and supporting their fellow bloggers. I decided I should visit the blogs of those who “like” my posts and have been introduced to some intriguing writers that way. There is less aloneness now, less the feeling of sending one’s words into a void.

So far, my favorite new blogging comrade is Emily of The Matilda Project. A self-proclaimed Luddite, Emily’s quixotic mission is tear down Amazon virtual brick by brick and consign their Kindles to the fire, so to speak, as well as to visit and blog about the independent booksellers of London. Let’s make a list on why I like Emily:

1) First of all, I’m green with jealousy that she gets to live in London (my favorite city, see London Literary Moments). The next time I am lucky enough to be in London, I will have a bookstore theme to follow.

2) Second, while I do order from Amazon in a pinch, I agree about the evil of kindles, even moreso now than when I first wrote about them in 2009). The gift-buying problem is what I really hate; I went retro this year and bought books anyway as Emily proscribed (even before I knew about Emily!)

3) Finally, I love Emily’s mission and thought I would add a bookstore category and blog about interesting bookshops I might discover. One of the reasons I don’t feel too bad about my Amazon-buying is that there aren’t any independent bookstores around -my hometown has just a Barnes & Noble. However, I work in a small city that boasts an excellent independent bookstore, I’ve started ordering from them instead of Amazon, and it feels great! I am excited to follow in Emily’s footsteps and sing the praises of books and bookshops!


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